“This is one of the best books I have read in recent years. If you are a fan of mystery/suspense novels this will definitely get you hooked in the early chapters….Give this book a shot you won't be disappointed, it's a thrilling read with a lot of substance not found in most works of fiction.” - Amazon Review.

An outside detective.
The vigilante killer with a message.
A cold case they both want solved.

Introducing your new favourite Detective, Rachael Schlank, in a crime mystery about lies, truth, love, secrets and justice.

When a duck hunter is shot dead, the killer leaves a clue that the crime is linked to a cold case—the long-ago mysterious deaths of two young women in a car crash. Then a horse trainer is killed and another clue is found. Cold Case Detective Rachael Schlank is pulled onto the taskforce investigating the crimes … along with a former colleague, whose dangerous temper has already made an impact on her life.

With more victims appearing and an eye-for-an-eye vigilante killer on the loose, Rachael knows she has to unravel the killer’s secret motive in order to crack the case wide open. But before it’s over, she also comes to understand that morality, legality and the truth are not always aligned. And that she may have to risk everything to solve the case...

The past is never over. She will make sure of it.

The Echo of Others is the first book in a spine-tingling series. If you like mysteries that tug at your heart, you'll love this bestselling, rogue justice thrill ride.

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S.D.Rowell - The Echo of Others